Commercial gas heating and servicing


Our experienced plumbers are Gas Safe and CIPHE registered and are highly skilled in the installation and maintenance of central heating systems.

Commercial boilers are larger than domestic boilers and if your business property needs an output greater than 70kW, you'll need a commercial boiler for your heating.

Commercial properties usually have bigger gas boilers, or non-domestic appliances and larger pipework (over 35mm), which a domestic engineer isn’t qualified to work on.

Our Commercial services include commercial gas and LPG:

  • Boiler servicing.
  • Boiler installation.
  • Full heating installation.
  • Commissioning 

Benefits of Commercial

A commercial boiler is essential for keeping your premises nice and cosy.  This means happy customers and staff.  A commercial boiler is a system that use fuel or electricity to heat water to provide heating and hot water in your premises.

Every commercial property is different, so if you are looking to upgrade or replace your boiler to a commercial one, we can do a free survey to find out what exactly is needed and provide you with a quote.

Commercial boilers need to be installed by a qualified, registered Gas Safe commercial gas engineer.  UK law states that it must be installed in accordance with Gas Safe rules and regulations.


Once we have installed your new boiler, annual servicing can be provided to ensure good working order and efficiency.  A registered, qualified Gas Safe engineer is required by law to perform a service.  A service would include checking the boiler and flues to make sure everything is working properly. 

An annual service will prolong the life of the boiler and is often a requirement to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is not invalidated. 

Regular servicing can maximise a boiler’s performance, keep energy costs down and minimise breakdowns.  A regular service can also spot any problems in carbon monoxide production, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. 

It is a landlord’s / company owner’s legal obligation to ensure that all gas appliances are serviced and are in safe working order.